Lathlain Street

Situated in the heart of the Belconnen Town Centre, Lathlain Street is connected to Lake Ginninderra at The Promenade via the Pedestrian Path and the Belconnen Bikeway running from Central Park and Lakeside Apartments. There are no views of Lake Ginninderra from Lathlain Street. 

On Lathlain Street, Westfield Belconnen has a number of restaurants (Grill’d, Chong Co, Max Brenner) to tempt the taste buds and within the Belconnen Mall there are more eateries (including the Bavarian, KorBQ and Rashays) to explore. 

Further along the southern end of Benjamin Way are Cafe 2617, and on the corner with Weedon Close is Goodberry’s Belconnen (Frozen Custard Desserts), Yangguofu Hot Pot, Can Tho, The Pot Belly and Chris’s Cafe. 

The Apartment Complexes on Benjamin Way and Chandler Street are only a short walk from Lathlain Street. The nearest building however is Cirrus opposite Lake Ginninderra. Residents from Waterside, Central Park and Lakeside Apartments, and Totterdell Street have the fastest access.