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Ginninderra supporting Athletics in the ACT

Behind every great sport there are those tireless volunteers who give their time and energy not just to keep the lights on but to further the objects and strategic vision of the Association.

Athletics has been able to benefit from the expertise and knowledge of key members of Ginninderra Athletics. Our volunteers have been representatives on the Boards and Committees of AACT and LAACT for many decades now.

This season the Club is very fortunate that David Lemon, Rory O’Sullivan, Neil Thomas and Stuart Todd are all supporting the running of LAACT. David has recently signed up again as the Finance Director, while Neil is serving his second stint as an ALAC Selector and Stuart will be the ALAC Team Manager in Tasmania next year. Rory who is a UC Marketing Undergraduate has been the Marketing and PR Director for the past year as well as a keen member of our Run_ACT Team.

At the big end of town, Hamish MacDonald is now in his second year as a Director on the Board of Athletics ACT, the peak body for the sport in Canberra. Working alongside the Board are the Competition, Selections and Officals Committees. Phil Henderson has joined Hamish on the Selections Committee, meanwhile Steve Dodt is on the Competition and Officials Committees. Two former GLAC members in Dennis Mace and Brian Sinclair are also serving AACT on Committees.

In recent years Ginninderra’s  Life Members including Helen Hopkins and Geoff Bartley  as well as Alex van der Meer Simo have served as Board Members with the Association. Continuing the long established link between the club and the Sport in the ACT.

Ginninderra Athletics is very proud of the contribution it’s members are making on and off the track. A healthy club can be seen by its contributions to the local community, its membership and the Association.

Alex appointed to Board of Directors

Rory O’Sullivan starts new Marketing and Public Relations Director role

Grassroots competition in North Canberra this summer

With the AIS Athletics Track being closed, the UC Ginninderra Athletics Club is offering all athletes aged 12-years to Masters the chance to participate in the only grassroots competition in North Canberra for senior athletes this year. The Tigers are based in Belconnen on Ginninderra Drive.

There is free Club training sessions available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at Charnwood Athletics Field from IAAF and Athletics Australia accredited Coaches in all event disciplines. Entry to the Track is paid by the Club through the generosity of our sponsors.

Members of the ACT Secondary Schools Track and Field team are most welcome to Come & Try with us.

Little Athletes (Under 12 to Under 17) can join the UC Tigers for free and wear their Little As uniform when competing. Older athletes have the biggest choice of registrations from grassroots social memberships to a full membership with AACT. The Club uniform is the best value in town at $25.

All registered members can choose to participate in the red track Meets being held in Woden near the Canberra Hospital while the AIS is closed too.

Summer Series – 7th October 2017

The first of the 2017-18 Summer Series was an absolute cracker. Ginninderra’s athletes were out in force emphasised with 7 out of the 17 in the 60m “friendly” sprint all Tigers.

Nathalie Cerritelli was the best of our women in the sprint placing 2nd overall with Megan Peters enjoying her return to competitive athletics with a gallant 4th. In the men Spencer Cox (5th), Mark Rossiter (6th), Ken Telfer (7th), Steve Dodt (equal 8th) and Neil Thomas (equal 8th) all performed strongly.

In the 100m the sprinters above were joined by U20 young gun Matt Walters, Martin Ting, Luke Allard, Paul Reid, Alice Fraser, Nick Donaldson, Rose Cajetan and Hayden Todd. Some impressive early season form from the sprinters.

The 200m saw Matt, Mark, Martin, Luke, Hayden and Steve continue to impress and push for line honours. Matt was the fastest of the local ACT talent. Along with Mark and Martin the three “Ms” rounded out the top 8 in the state.

Over the single lap 400m, Hayden was the best of heat 2 winning comfortably. Meanwhile Rose and Megan both finished in the top 8 in the women.

The 800m again featured some of Ginninderra’s best new talent with Jacob Davill, Jacob Todd, Ryan Cuzner, Andrew Camp-Liddiard and Hannah Cuzner all running strongly in their first race of the new season. For Andrew and Ryan it also marked their first ever summer series as they made the leap from grass track to red track athletics with the Tigers – the lads finished 2nd and 3rd respectively in their age.

One of Ginninderra’s brightest all round athletes Jeremy Maranan strode out in the 100m Hurdles to finish second.

It was in the longer hurdles, the Steeplechase where half of the entrants came from the UCGAC. Jacob Miller enjoyed his first taste of the 1500m Steeple in a sterling run along with Jacob Todd and the Tigers’ Queen of the Steeple Chase Angela Riach showing promising early season form.

In the Walk, Andrew Camp Liddiard did very well in his first attempt of the 1500m Walk at an AACT event.

At the Long Jump it was Jeremy Maranan flying high with his first ever 6m leap.

In the Women’s Discus, Ginninderra’s own Amalie Leslie took out the U14G, while Alice Fraser came 3rd in her weight class while Nathalie Cerritelli won the U20s and Megan Peters win the Open Women. Stephen Fraser showed he was all class in his first meet fo the new season winning his weight class by 12m. In the open men the Tigers had 3 of the top four positions with Steve Dodt, Neil Thomas and Luke Allard rounding out the competition.

In the Javelin, Steve Dodt gave it his best effort in the Open men and finished just out of the top three.

Read the full results on the Athletics ACT website.

Plenty of room at Ginninderra this summer

With the AIS Athletics Track undergoing some repairs from September 25th to  October 23rd. There will be no access during this period. Once the AIS facility reopens on the 24th, the infield, along with lanes 1 and 2, will continue to be closed to the public.

Charnwood Athletics Field in Belconnen will be open daily to the public with access to UC Ginninderra Athletics Club equipment on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Entry to Club Sessions is by gold coin donation and there is plenty of room for everybody whole the AIS infield gets a facelift.

The Woden Athletics Facility will be open for public training from 25th September through to end of March 2018. There is only limited public access:

  • Monday – 4:30pm to 6:00pm
  • Tuesday – 4:30pm to 6:00pm
  • Thursday – 4:00pm to 5:30pm

The cost of entry to Woden is $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for concession which must be paid in cash.


Junior Tigers dominate State Little Aths Champs

UC Ginninderra’s up and coming dual registered Little Athletes showed at the recent 2017 LAACT State Championships there’s a new generation talent on the rise within the Tigers.

Collectively the U12 to U17 Little Athletes from UC, collected a staggering 49 Golds, 22 Silvers and 19 Bronze medals between them, Boys and Girls.

Ginninderra is keen to see all our older athletes transition into the Athletics ACT hosted meets in 2017-18 season.


17 Gold
6 Silver
7 Bronze

  • Csenge Keszei (U12G) – 100m (3rd)
  • Natalie Hardy (U12G) – 100m (13th)
  • Rebecca Guest (U13G) – 100m (1st)
  • Chloe Edwards (U13G) – 100m (11th)
  • Amalie Leslie (U13G Para) – 100m (1st)
  • Annick Theron (U14G) – 100m (3rd)
  • Caitlyn Beasley (U17G Para) – 100m (1st)
  • Hayley Gooch (U12G) – 200m (10th)
  • Natalie Hardy (U12G) – 200m (6th)
  • Rebecca Guest (U13G) – 200m (1st)
  • Chloe Edwards (U13G) – 100m (11th)
  • Hannah Cuzner (U13G) – 200m (13th)
  • Amalie Leslie (U13G Para) – 200m (1st)
  • Meg Freeman (U14G) – 200m (4th)
  • Annick Theron (U14G) – 200m (5th)
  • Hayley Gooch (U12G) – 400m (9th)
  • Csenge Keszei (U12G) – 400m (13th)
  • Rebecca Guest (U13G) – 400m (1st)
  • Alice Fraser (U13G) – 400m (4th)
  • Meg Freeman (U14G) – 400m (4th)
  • Rebecca Guest (U13G) – 800m (1st)
  • Chloe Edwards (U13G) – 800m (10th)
  • Hannah Cuzner (U13G) – 800m (9th)
  • Amalie Leslie (U13G Para) – 800m (1st)
  • Meg Freeman (U14G) – 800m (2nd)
  • Angela Riach (U17G) – 800m (3rd)
  • Chelsea Moroney (U12G) – 1500m (6th)
  • Hannah Cuzner (U13G) – 1500m (8th)
  • Angela Riach (U17G) – 1500m (3rd)
  • Csenge Keszei (U12G) – 60mH (4th)
  • Natalie Hardy (U12G) – 60mH (9th)
  • Alice Fraser (U13G) – 80mH (5th)
  • Chloe Edwards (U13G) – 80mH (6th)
  • Alice Fraser (U13G) – 200mH (4th)
  • Meg Freeman (U14G) – 200mH (3rd)
  • Annick Theron (U14G) – 200mH (4th)
  • Csenge Keszei (U12G) – HJ (2nd*)
  • Natalie Hardy (U12G) – HJ (2nd*)
  • Hayley Gooch (U12G) – HJ (5th)
  • Alice Fraser (U13G) – HJ (6th)
  • Charlotte Rauraa (U14G) – HJ (5th)
  • Csenge Keszei (U12G) – LJ (10th)
  • Rebecca Guest (U13G) – LJ (11th)
  • Chloe Edwards (U13G) – LJ (14th)
  • Hannah Cuzner (U13G) – LJ (13th)
  • Amalie Leslie (U13G Para) – LJ (1st)
  • Charlotte Rauraa (U14G) – LJ (7th)
  • Jacqueline Weinhardt (U14G) – LJ (18th)
  • Natalie Hardy (U12G) – TJ (4th)
  • Chloe Edwards (U13G) – TJ (9th)
  • Charlotte Rauraa (U14G) – TJ (6th)
  • Hayley Gooch (U12G) – SP (8th)
  • Alice Fraser (U13G) – SP (2nd)
  • Hannah Cuzner (U13G) – SP (12th)
  • Charlotte Rauraa (U14G) – SP (1st)
  • Jacqueline Weinhardt (U14G) – SP (8th)
  • Tori Hopkins (U17G) – SP (2nd)
  • Caitlyn Beasley (U17G Para) – SP (1st)
  • Hayley Gooch (U12G) – Discus (9th)
  • Csenge Keszei (U12G) – Discus (11th)
  • Alice Fraser (U13G) – Discus (3rd)
  • Anna Mels (U13G) – Discus (11th)
  • Amalie Leslie (U13G Para) – Discus (1st)
  • Charlotte Rauraa (U14G) – Discus (1st)
  • Jacqueline Weinhardt (U14G) – Discus (12th)
  • Tori Hopkins (U17G) – Discus (2nd)
  • Caitlyn Beasley (U17G Para) – Discus (1st)
  • Amalie Leslie (U13G Para) – Javelin (1st)
  • Charlotte Rauraa (U14G) – Javelin (1st)
  • Jacqueline Weinhardt (U14G) – Javelin (10th)
  • Tori Hopkins (U17G) – Javelin (3rd)
  • Caitlyn Beasley (U17G Para) – Javelin (1st)


32 Gold
16 Silver
12 Bronze

  • Noah Steinacker (U12B) – 100m (4th)
  • Lekani Mpaso (U12B) – 100m (8th)
  • Harry Francis (U13B) – 100m (13th)
  • Austin Tetteh (U13B) – 100m (1st)
  • Chris Mecham (U13B) – 100m (3rd)
  • Nathaniel Halpin (U13B Para) – 100m (1st)
  • Jeremy Maranan (U14B) – 100m (1st)
  • Nick Donaldson (U14B) – 100m (6th)
  • Mitchell Foster (U15B) – 100m (8th)
  • Eden Thomas (U14B Para) – 100m (1st)
  • Cameron Best (U17B) – 100m (2nd)
  • Noah Steinacker (U12B) – 200m (4th)
  • Lekani Maps (U12B) – 200m (5th)
  • Harry Francis (U13B) – 200m (12th)
  • Bile Noor (U13B) – 200m (16th)
  • Austin Tetteh (U13B) – 200m (1st)
  • Chris Mecham (U13B) – 200m (3rd)
  • Nathaniel Halpin (U13B Para) – 200m (1st)
  • Jeremy Maranan (U14B) – 200m (1st)
  • Nick Donaldson (U14B) – 200m (5th)
  • Jacob Davill (U14B) – 200m (3rd)
  • Eden Thomas (U14B Para) – 200m (1st)
  • Hayden Todd (U12B) – 400m (2nd)
  • Nick van den Heuvel (U12B) – 400m (12th)
  • Austin Tetteh (U13B) – 400m (1st)
  • James Lemon (U13B) – 400m (4th)
  • Bile Noor (U13B) – 400m (7th)
  • Nathaniel Halpin (U13B Para) – 400m (1st)
  • Jacob Davill (U14B) – 400m (3rd)
  • Raage Noor (U15B) – 400m (2nd)
  • Jacob Todd (U15B) – 400m (5th)
  • Eden Thomas (U14B Para) – 400m (1st)
  • Hayden Todd (U12B) – 800m (1st)
  • James Lemon (U13B) – 800m (4th)
  • Bile Noor (U13B) – 800m (6th)
  • Jacob Davill (U14B) – 800m (1st)
  • Raage Noor (U15B) – 800m (1st)
  • Jacob Todd (U15B) – 800m (2nd)
  • Hayden Todd (U12B) – 1500m (1st)
  • Ryan Weinhardt (U12B) – 1500m (8th)
  • James Lemon (U13B) – 1500m (2nd)
  • Bile Noor (U13B) – 1500m (6th)
  • Jacob Davill (U14B) – 1500m (1st)
  • Raage Noor (U15B) – 1500m (1st)
  • Jacob Todd (U15B) – 1500m (2nd)
  • Noah Steinacker (U12B) – 60mH (1st)
  • Lekani Mpaso (U12B) – 60mH (5th)
  • Austin Tetteh (U13B) – 80mH (1st)
  • Harry Francis (U13B) – 80mH (4th)
  • Jeremy Maranan (U14B) – 90mH (1st)
  • Dylan Best (U14B) – 90mH (3rd)
  • Harry Francis (U13B) – 200mH (5th)
  • James Lemon (U13B) – 200mH (4th)
  • Jeremy Maranan (U14B) – 200mH (1st)
  • Nick Donaldson (U14B) – 200mH (2nd)
  • Jacob Davill (U14B) – 200mH (3rd)
  • Jacob Todd (U15B) – 200mH (3rd)
  • Hayden Todd (U12B) – HJ (2nd)
  • Joshua Henderson (U12B) – HJ (11th)
  • Ryan Weinhardt (U12B) – HJ (12th)
  • James Lemon (U13B) – HJ (1st)
  • Dylan Best (U14B) – HJ (4th)
  • Mitchell Foster (U15B) – HJ (8th)
  • Lekani Mpaso (U12B) – LJ (7th)
  • Hayden Todd (U12B) – LJ (11th)
  • Owen Hromow (U12B) – LJ (18th)
  • Joshua Henderson (U12B) – LJ (20th)
  • Austin Tetteh (U13B) – LJ (2nd)
  • Harry Francis (U13B) – LJ (11th)
  • Nathaniel Halpin (U13B Para) – LJ (1st)
  • Jeremy Maranan (U14B) – LJ (1st)
  • Jacob Todd (U15B) – LJ (11th)
  • Hayden Todd (U12B) – TJ (7th)
  • Owen Hromow (U12B) – TJ (17th)
  • Austin Tetteh (U13B) – TJ (1st)
  • Owen Hromow (U12B) – SP (2nd)
  • Ryan Weinhardt (U12B) – SP (7th)
  • Harry Francis (U13B) – SP (3rd)
  • Nathaniel Halpin (U13B Para) – SP (1st)
  • Dylan Best (U14B) – SP (3rd)
  • Eden Thomas (U14B Para) – SP (2nd)
  • Stephen Fraser (U16B) – SP (1st)
  • Cameron Best (U17B) – SP (2nd)
  • Owen Hromow (U12B) – Discus (3rd)
  • Ryan Weinhardt (U12B) – Discus (12th)
  • Joshua Henderson (U12B) – Discus (19th)
  • Nathaniel Halpin (U13B Para) – Discus (1st)
  • Jeremy Maranan (U14B) – Discus (2nd)
  • Dylan Best (U14B) – Discus (3rd)
  • Eden Thomas (U14B Para) – Discus (1st)
  • Stephen Fraser (U16B) – Discus (1st)
  • Zamir Bulbul (U16B) – Discus (2nd)
  • Cameron Best (U17B) – Discus (2nd)
  • Ryan Weinhardt (U12B) – Javelin (5th)
  • Owen Hromow (U12B) – Javelin (9th)
  • Nathaniel Halpin (U13B Para) – Javelin (1st)
  • Dylan Best (U14B) – Javelin (2nd)
  • Zamir Bulbul (U16B) – Javelin (1st)
  • Stephen Fraser (U16B) – Javelin (4th)
  • Cameron Best (U17B) – Javelin (3rd)
  • Jacob Taylor  (U17B) – Javelin (7th)
  • Ryan Weinhardt (U12B) – 1500mW (5th)