Shot Put

  1. Each competitor is entitled to three attempts.
  2. The shot shall touch or be in close proximity of the neck or the chin and the hand shall not be dropped below this position during the action of putting.
  3. The shot shall be put from the shoulder, shall not be taken behind the line of the shoulders in a forward direction
  4. Shall put with one hand only with a forward movement.
  5. A competitor may leave the circle (form the rear only) by placing the shot put on the ground within the circle, then re‐enter and recommence the throw again.
  6. A competitor may enter the circle from any direction
  7. Must leave the circle so their first contact with the ground outside the circle is behind the centre line.
  8. A competitor leaving the circle in front of this line. Foul.
  9. Once the competitor has begun to make a throw, the ground outside the circle and the top of the stop board must not be touched. Foul.
  10. Land entirely within the sector tapes and the shot can’t touch the sector tape. Foul.
  11. The measurement is taken from where the shot first hits the ground
  12. Shot lands on the sector tape. Foul. 13. Measurement of the put is taken byplacing the measuring spike/zero‐end of the tape at the landing imprint edge closest to the throwing circle.
  13. The measuring tape is pulled through the centre of the circle, and the reading is then taken from the inside edge of the stop board.
  14. The recorded measurement is the actual distance rounded down to the nearest whole centimetre (eg 7.559 metres is recorded as 7.55 metres).